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I draw shitty pictures on classic MS Paint because why the hell not. Also enjoy my sad attempts at Photoshop.

Im on a journey to watch as many animes as I can. Join me as I keep a log of the ones Ive seen and review them the best way I can because words is a thing im not well at. Some podcast and cartoons will be along for the ride as well because why the hell not.
This took an unnecessary long amount of time to complete.


  • Ouran High School Host Club: The Movie - The conclusion to the Ouran live-action series. It follows 2 plots: one involves an Ouran tournament involving the Host Club vs the (American) Football team. The other involves a student from another country judging the tournament events. Honestly, this is a perfect ending to a great series. It really does a great job mixing dramatic scenes with comedy elements. Though honestly this feels more soap-opera-ish. But they pull it off so well that I don't mind. It's a great film and definitely recommend it to any Ouran fan.
  • The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya - What if Kyon lived in a timeline where Haruhi never met him? A timeline where he never met the time traveler, alien, and esper? A timeline where the SOS Brigade never formed? That basically forms the plot of this film and the closer to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The film takes on a much darker tone than the series usually goes. There's barely any trace of humor in the film. Theres also a lack of Haruhi as she only appears near the 3rd act, so her trademark antics are absent. The majority of the focus is on Kyon on how hes dealing with the massive and mysterious change and how he can escape. As you can see the movie does things very differently than the show....and yet I don't mind. It all makes sense. The dark/serious tone is very well done and I love how the movie can be normal and then suddenly switch to being eerie. A fair warning: theres also a bit of a Doctor Who-vibe as in the 3rd act deals with time travel stuff, so if youre not into Sci-Fi you will get confused. Other than that an excellent film. Watch it.

Fairy Tail:

  • The Fairy Tail - Oh god another new show?!? SHIT. This one takes us to the Kingdom of Fiore. In this universe, magic is common. It can be bought and sold but certain people have inherited magic powers. There are also different types, or classes, of wizards and belong in several guilds. Basically if Warcraft or League of Legends appealed to me. The series starts off with Lucy Heartfilia who is a celestial wizard; she can summon the personification of the Zodiac signs. She wants to be a member of the most popular guild in the land: Fairy Tail. She encounters Fairy Tail member Natsu Dragneel (a fire-breathing wizard who was raised by a dragon) and his friend Happy who is a talking cat with wings. After a few mishaps (including Lucy getting kidnapped and Natsu having to save her by using his dragon abilities), Natsu brings her to the guild to become a member. Out of all the worlds of encountered with the multiple animes Ive seen, from Victorian England to inside a video game, this world has to be my favorite. I just like how magic is just accepted and no one gives a fuck about how weird it is. I just love the idea that this is basically an MMO in anime form. I would recommend this to anyone who loves Warcraft or League. An the first episode does an excellent job of introducing you to this world and two of the 4 main characters and the tone of the show. Absolute chaos and destruction with intense amounts of action and extreme hilarity. It's fucking wild. You'll love it.
  • Fire Dragon, Monkey, and Bull - After meeting the other members of Fairy Tail, including the 3rd main character Gray Fullbuster who's skilled with ice magic and has an odd habit of.....taking off his clothes...., and knowing how the guild works, Lucy and Natsu head out on their first mission: saving a young boy's father. The majority of the episode is hilarious but it does get super sweet at the end. A pretty alright episode overall.
  • Infiltrate the Everlue Mansion/Dear Kaby - This story has Natsu and Lucy infiltrate a psychopathic rich man's mansion who owns a book written by the late father of a distressed son. Their job is to destroy a book as the creation of it has a dark and deep backstory that personally affected the author's son. The two episodes are just filled with hilarious jokes and insane amounts of chaos. The fights are absolute madness which is excellently shown with clean animation. And the resolution is actually pretty sweet and clever. Pretty damn sweet.
  • The Wizard in Armor Fairies in the Wind Flame and Wind The Strongest Team - It's here we meet our fourth and final main character: Erza Scarlet. She is one of the most powerful wizards in the entire guild and the most serious. She doesnt break the rules and will punish anyone who does. She also constantly wears a suit of armor because why not. This mini-arc sees her teaming up w/ Lucy, Natsu, and Gray to stop an evil team who posses a powerful flute than can kill anyone with a song. The episodes are more action-based than humor based. It does it incredibly well and the fights are epic as fuck. The ending to the arc is hilarious as well. As for Erza herself, the interactions she has with the other characters are pretty hilarious as the other 3's antics often clash with her seriousness....she might actually be my favorite character...
  • Natsu Devours a Village - The aftermath of the last episode ends with our heroes...hungry. Very hungry. Super hungry. Fooooooooooooooooooooood. And thats pretty much the plot. They want to food and try to get some. Thats it. Also they find a town thats actually people who were cursed. A pretty basic episode. Thats all.
  • Natsu vs Erza - Natsu wants to fight Erza because he wants to prove himself. And Erza gets arrested and put on a small trial for her destruction on the last episode. Basically this episode sets up the next one. Another basic episode at best. Yay.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

  • Those Who Challenge the Sun Body of the Sanctioned - Ah shit ANOTHER NEW SHOW?!? This is set in a world where Alchemy is common practice much like the magic in Fairy Tail. The story follows brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric. Both are masters at Alchemy...who have gone through a very traumatic past. Alchemy in this universe is when you combine two elements to form one new object through the use of whats known as a transmutation circle. The only limit to Alchemy is that it cant bring back the dead...which is what the young Elric Bros. tried to do. Their stunt resulted in Edward losing an arm and leg and Alphone losing his physical body and resulted in his soul being attached to a large suit of armor. For Alphonse to get his body back they must find the Philosopher's Stone (no not the one from Harry Potter). The 2-part pilot takes place some time after the scarring incident. They meet a priest who performs "miracles", who in reality is performing Alchemy illegally. What follows is a brief prison break and one horrifying reveal. The pilot shows just how dark, twisted, and serious this show will go. There are little to no jokes in the show (there is a running joke in the series regarding Ed's height). And the Alchemy system/mythology is absolutely fascinating; just as interesting as the magic in Fairy Tail. Goddamn this show and the pilot is excellent. 
  • Mother - Here its revealed that the person Ed and Al were trying to bring back with Alchemy was their deceased mother. This serves as the beginning of their journey to try and bring back Al's body and the they plan to do so by becoming State Alchemists, which is basically similar to the police force. The scene where they try to bring back their mother is incredibly brutal as fuck...and thats really all I have to say. Episode's brutal. Shit's dark yo.
  • A Forger's Love - A kind of creepy episode. The brothers encounter a village where a "zombie" has been terrorizing the people and killing any young girl. They also meet an Alchemist who was closely associated with the brothers' father who believes that the "zombie" is his long-dead lover. After further investigation it is revealed that the Alchemist has been the one kidnapping young girls so he can take their souls and place them in mannequins resembling his lost love. Yes it's veeeeeeeery creepy. Really creepy. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too creepy. <shudders>. Im starting to think FMA was originally supposed to be a horror anime......
  • The Man with the Mechanical Arm - Black Buter has done a train siege episode. Doctor Who has done it. So it was only fitting that Fullmetal would do one as well. On a train Ed and Al are in a terrorist group hijacks it and take a family hostage. The brothers as well as new ally Major Maes Hughes of course try to stop them. Conflict-in-train episodes are always so fun to me so this was a pretty damn awesome episode. Each of the 3 brought something new; Black Butler challenged Sebastian with three different conflicts overlapping with each other and Doctor Who brought a dark mystery element to it with The Mummy. Fullmetal has the Alchemy angle meaning immense possibilities on how to stop the villain. The climax is really cool. This episode was super cool. Yeah.
  • The Alchemy Exam - Basically this episode has Edward and Alphonse try to enroll in the Alchemy test to become state Alchemists. A pretty basic episode (with one very hilarious scene involving child birth). It is here however that we meet Shou Tucker, an alchemist well-known for making chimeras. We'll talk about him next....
  • Night of the Chimera's Cry - Quite possibly the most depressing and by far the saddest episode of any anime I have ever seen. Not even Death Note or Attack on Titan can top it. <sigh>. Shou Tucker needs to make a talking chimera to for a yearly examination. He tells Ed about the first talking chimera he created and how it was at that same time his wife left him. Eventually Tucker completes his chimera. I wont spoil the end result but I will say its horrifying, sad, and disgusting. This program is willing to go incredibly dark and does not hold back. So if you plan on watching this show, be prepared to have your heart be in pain. The episode also introduces us to one of the villains in the series: Scar. He is man who despises State Alchemists and has the ability to deconstruct anything. We'll see more of him later on.
  • The Philosopher's Stone - After the events of the last episode, Ed seeks revenge by trying to locate the Philosopher's Stone (once again, not the one from Harry Potter). Elsewhere, a close friend from of the Elrics', Winry Rockbell, visiting town to see the brothers, is kidnapped by a serial killer who disguises himself as a female. Honestly a basic (and kind of eerie) episode. Okay.

The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya:

  • The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya Parts 1-25 - Ever wanted to see Haruhi and the gang be involved in Hetalia-esque situations? Congrats, youve found the right show. Of all the spin-off ideas that could come out of the show, this is what came out. ok. It's a much sillier than the original and reveals a lot about the characters. One notable example is that Yuki Nagato is into hentai. Yes an alien has a thing for hentai. Lovely. This is waaay too fucking weird.
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya as a whole - TOO FAST. IT RUSHES BY TOO FAST. GOTTA GO FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST. But funny. Weird to see the Haruhi characters in such a silly light. It is a nice change of pace though. No mystery. No dark elements. Just silly weirdness. I approve. Check it out if youre a fan of either Haruhi Suzumiya or Hetalia.

Ouran High School Host Club:

  • Until the Day it Becomes a Pumpkin! - A special Halloween episode! Haruhi, the twins, and another student team up during the school's Halloween event where each team must try to scare the other. Little do they know, the other members of the Host Club plan on scaring all of them as well. It's a pretty funny episode all throughout. I also do love the metaphor/foreshadowing as well. I will admit though it is an odd thing to connect w/ Halloween but hey, I dont mind at all.
  • Mori Has an Apprentice Candidate! - A son of a gangster seeks the help of Mori because he wants to make friends and get rid of his very, very, very, very intimidating nature. Eventually he meets Haruhi and immediately gets attracted to her...the problem is that he doesnt know that she is a she which leads to him questioning his sexuality. A very hilarious episode especially the scene where he realizes his feelings towards Haruhi. Not much else to say.
  • Tamaki's Unwitting Depression! - A continuation of the last episode. It turns out that guy accidentally found out Haruhi is a girl. What follows is a series of hilarious scenes of the man trying to confess his feelings to her which later ends in the most crushing rejection I have ever seen. The friendzone is one dangerous place for anyone. It's a lot funnier when it happens to someone else though. An excellent episode overall.
  • And so Kyoya Met Him! - An origin story of how Kyoya met Tamaki. This episode is incredible. Barely any humor at all. Kyoya recalls of how he met Tamaki because of family business reasons. It shows just how odd the two's relationship is but also how deep it is. It also drives the point further of why Tamaki created the Host Club in the first place; he had no real family other than a father and a grandmother that despises him. Truly an emotion-filled episode.
  • The Host Club Declares Dissolution! - The school's annual Ouran fair has arrived. The Host Club participates by planning to entertain the visiting parents. Things do get a little heated though. Haruhi learns of the history behind Tamaki's family, especially with his strained relationship with his grandmother who is the head of his family's empire. She wants Tamaki to marry a daughter of a wealthy family who, much like Tamaki's grandmother, despises the Host Club. They do a really good job on wanting you to absolutely hate Tamaki's grandmother. She is uncaring, without a hint of redeeming qualities. She's just a dick. And you love to hate her as good villains should do. And the ending. Damn, what an ending....
  • This is Our Ouran Fair! - The end of the series. What a goddamn ending. Spoilers: Tamaki plans to go through with the wedding and will end the Host Club. Haruhi and the others definitely dont want it to end. What ensues is Haruhi chasing Tamaki and preventing him to leave. The ending is absolutely sweet. SUPER sweet. Especially the scene during the credits. GODDAMN it was beautiful. Loved the ending.
  • Ouran High School Host Club as a whole - Ouran is both sweet and depressing at times. These two definitely do balance each other out and when done separately they are done incredibly well. The funny moments make you laugh really hard. The depressing moments make you tear up sometimes. And the show knows when these two are necessary. Check this out if you havent. I really recommend it. As for the live-action series however.....

Ouran High School Host Club Live-Action Series

  • Episode 3 - This one's kind of a weird hybrid of sorts. It's mostly an original story, but it also is based on one brief scene that was shown in "And so Kyoya Met Him!" and the last couple of scenes in "The Job of a High School Host!" Basically, Haruhi needs to take a break from her Host Club duties as she needs to place 1st in the school's big test or she might get expelled, as an honor student must keep her good grades up. To do this, she hires a tutor who appears to have a grudge against Tamaki. For a (somewhat) original story, I'd say they did a pretty good job. They somehow managed to expand on just one scene in the anime that only lasted for a couple of seconds and make it a hilarious and drama-filled episode. That's impressive. Loved it.
  • Episode 4 - Based on "Attack of the Lady Manager!" Not really much else to say. My thoughts are pretty much the same as the anime episode as the live-action one is almost an exact recreation (some events in the anime are changed in the live-action episode). A pretty good episode. That's about it.
  • Episode 5 - Based on "The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club!" Again, not much to say here as it an almost exact recreation of the anime episode (yes, even the scene between Kyoya and Haruhi is in here too). Of course a few changes here and there (apparently the family of Nekozawa, the kid who couldnt be in the sunlight for health reasons, owns the beach). But yeah. A great episode.
  • Episode 6 - Based on "The Twins Fight!" but a few scenes from "The Door the Twins Opened!" are mixed in. Another almost perfect recreation of the anime. This is a bit more hilarious though. The fight scenes between Hikaru and Kaoru are a lot sillier than the ones in the anime. The live-action series takes advantage of the fact that they can do these visual jokes with CGI. Some include the two laying Indiana Jones-esque traps for one another, to even a brief comedic gun fight. But apart from that, still a good and funny episode.
  • Episode 7 - Based on "A Day in the Life of the Fujioka Family!" This actually delves more into Haruhi's childhood after she lost her mother. It shows just how mature she was at a very young age. It even delves more into Tamaki's large curiosity over the life of the commoners. They turned the anime episode, which was a comedic episode throughout, and turned into a half-and-half: half comedy and half seriousness. I like that.
  • Episode 8 - Based on "Big Brother is a Prince!" or that one episode that contains my favorite quote: "There's debauchery! It's a reverse harem!" It's even better/funnier when it's said by an actual little girl. The only added change to this one is that Tamaki actually tells a little bit of his younger days to Haruhi which creates a rather cute (but brief) scene between the two. Other than that, a great episode.
  • Episode 9 - Based on "The Refreshing Battle of Karuizawa!" and "Operation: Haruhi and Hikaru's First Date!" This episode does focus more on the latter though. A few minor differences here and there, but once again another almost exact recreation of the anime episode. Same thoughts as the original.
  • Episode 10 - A mostly original story but is loosely based on "Covering the Famous Host Club!" but has a few elements from "Chika's "Down with Honey" Declaration!" The struggling newspaper club wants to exploit Tamaki on some false article about him. However, Honey overhears their plans. As a result, they kidnap him which leads to the Host Club (sans Tamaki, who leaves to visit his grandmother) to go track him down. It's definitely a lot more suspenseful than the anime episode it's based on. Actually, I'd say it feels almost waaay too different than the original. Not saying that's bad though. I welcome the shift. Overall a great episode.
  • Episode 11 - Based on "This is Our Ouran Fair!" but with some scenes from "And So Kyoya Met Him!" and "The Host Club Declares Dissolution!" mixed in. Spoilers: unlike the anime original, The Host Club is throwing their annual party, where Tamaki announces his departure after a unanimous decision made by his grandmother. Of course, Haruhi and the others can't take it. The finale is admittedly not as epic as the anime, but that's understandable. This is a live action show after all. And the final moments...holY SHIT THAT SCENE. Not spoiling it, but fuck it was adorable. A fantastic end to the series.
  • Ouran High School Host Club Live-Action Series as a whole - This is basically a repeat of my overall thoughts on the original anime show. Honestly I thought the live-action wouldnt work well with something as cartoony as Ouran. Yet it strangely works. Something about just fits the two together. Maybe its because the show doesnt really try to be too cartoony. The only elements of that are Tamaki and a few visual gags. Apart from that its...really good. At least to me. The acting is great. The stories are adapted nicely. If youre a fan of the anime, you'll definitely be a fan of the live-action version.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:

  • The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya Parts 2-5 - A continuation of part 1. Haruhi still is directing a movie. As filming continues, Haruhi slowly starts to become more like a demanding perfectionist. Her god-like powers also start to affect the production of the film. Mikuru starts shooting real lasers out of her eyes. Cherry Blossoms are blooming too early. CATS CAN TALK. And as Haruhi becomes more and more demanding, Kyon's patience and tolerance wears thin. The arc really accurately portrays just how much of Haruhi can Kyon handle. This is more perfectly shown in a scene where Kyon gets so mad at Haruhi that he nearly slaps her in rage. It's tense yo. Quite possibly one of my favorite arcs in the series.
  • The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina - This is actually the movie Haruhi and the Brigade shot. And it is hilariously bad. It's basically Birdemic minus the birds. And Kyon's narration throughout the short-film makes it even better. Not much to say but it's hilarious.
  • Live Alive -  The episode follows Kyon's and the rest of the Brigade's activities during the school's annual cultural festival: Yuki is a fortune teller, Mikuru is a waitress at a cafe, and Itsuki stars in a play. All seems normal until Kyon goes to see a concert and much to his surprise sees Haruhi and Yuki perform with a band. And i'll have to say the song they play sounds pretty nice. Haruhi's singing voice is actually good. Other than a pretty cool episode.
  • The Day of Sagittarius - Earlier in the series Haruhi stole a computer from the school's computer club. So they must get revenge on the SOS Brigade by having the 2 clubs compete in a computer game which is basically Battleship in space. One thing thats very cool about this episode is that it often tells the story as if the Brigade members are actually in the game. It's really awesome, especially the visuals. Good god the visuals are awesome. A pretty neat episode.
  • Someday in the Rain - The very calm finale to the series. Veery calm. No big explosions. No big revelations. It just Kyon trying to buy a heater for the club on a rainy day while Haruhi has Mikuru try on a bunch of costumes for the movie's DVD cover. Simple. It was nice actually. A nice change of pace. Endings to the other animes were very grand. This one is very simple. I love it.
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya as a whole - This was a rollercoaster ride. One episode it could be all happy and silly. The next one could be ridiculously dark. It's insane. But they do it well. And they take it to the extreme too. The dark episodes REALLY go dark. The silly episodes have some really hilarious jokes. The main selling point of the show though is the characters; more specifically Haruhi. She is the ultimate catalyst of almost everything and anything. Most of the episodes in the series heavily rely on her actions and interactions with Kyon and the rest of the Brigade. The show is truly character driven..something I rarely have seen in all the animes Ive seen so far. The most similar to this might have to be either Ouran or Hetalia. Everything else is absolutely plot-driven. Personally I favor plot-driven shows than character-driven ones. But this was incredibly entertaining to watch. If youre a fan of mystery or Sci-Fi then Haruhi Suzumiya is for you. 


  • The Exorcist Who Wears the Wind - It is here we meet another exorcist named Suman Dark, an exorcist who uses wind as a weapon. He and Lenalee go to a nearby village which are devastated by wolf attacks caused by Akuma. A pretty basic episode honestly. Though there is a sweet scene near the end where Suman and a little girl play chess together. It was cute.
  • Chapter of Darkness - Kind of a set up episode really. Allen and Lenalee are attacked then later meet a bunch of finders from the Order. The Earl is planning his next move against the exorcists. Thats all. An alright episode.
  • Charity Bell - An introduction to two more characters. This tells the backstory of an exorcist named Daisya. He was kind of a brat who played a lot of soccer. Eventually he meets one of the Order's generals, Froi Tiedoll. After seeing what he can do, he accepts Tiedoll's offer to become an exorcist and train under him. A pretty cool episode. It does kind of set up what's about to happen in the next 2 episodes but that doesn't happen until the end. But yeah.
  • Froi Tiedoll Coffin of Silence - Heres where it goes to shit..... Kanda, Daisya, and another exorcist named Noise Marie head to Barcelona to meet with Tiedoll as a large swarm of Akuma head there for an invasion. The finders try to stop the invasion but are immediately overwhelmed. To the exorcists' surprise, Tiedoll hasnt arrived yet and try to stop the attack as well. Daisya also attempts to fight one of the Earl's allies, Tyki. This honestly feels like a war film. So much devastation all over. It's sometimes hard to watch honestly. What's more sad is what becomes of Daisya. Spoilers: he's murdered. His death....I'll say it was both good and pointless. Good because we kind of felt heavy emotion towards him because of the set up of his character in the previous episode. Pointless because that was it. That's all we ever see of him. But it's still a great and very depressing episode. Damn.
  • Rose of Restless Souls - An epilogue of sorts. Allen and Lenalee reunite w/ Krory and Lavi and join them on their travels. Lavi tells them of the war and the casualties. As you'd expect, they all feel troubled by this. A simple episode but still carries all the sadness from the last episode over to this one. Damn.
  • A New Assassin - We meet another one of the Earl's allies; Mistress Lulubell and her (annoying as fuck) servant Mimi. She appears in the next few episodes to serve as the roadblock for Allen's, Lenalee's, Krory's, and Lavi's trip to see General Cross, Allen's master. A simple episode honestly. It's just a set up for what to expect in the coming episodes. Yeah.
  • The Black Cat's Trap The Wandering Stone Statue The Iron-Fan Maiden - A trap from Lulubell is set in motion when the gang enters China. After impersonating as Lenalee and confusing Krory w/ the disguise, she manages to split the group into 2: Allen and Krory going after Lulubell and Lavi trying to find Bookman so he can heal Lenalee after she is injured. For Allen and Krory, they wander into a town where someone is accused of stealing the town's statue. They prove it false by witnessing that the statue can move on its own. For Lavi and Lenalee, Mimi follows them so she can attempt to kill them both, only to be stopped by Bookman. The first episode is really good but I do prefer the 2 branching stories more. They are both very different stories which contain a lot of humor. To put it simple, they were fun. Loved it. 
  • Mysterious Mansion - Kanda, Noise, and Tiedoll enter Czechoslovakia and hear about a famous mansion. Eventually an Akuma lure them into the mansion and the three quickly discover that the inner workings of the mansion are designed with trickery and puzzles. That's why I love the episode. The mansion is fucking fun. I seriously want to live in it. It's incredibly unique. Yep, that mansion alone made the episode cool.
  • Illusions of Silver - Allen and Krory must cross the Himalayas if they ever want to reunite with Lavi, Lenalee, and Bookman. Lulubell on the other hand sees this as an opportunity for another trap. Another really simple episode. I don't know what else to say. I did like the plan she had though. Very clever.
  • The Girl of the Crystal Wavering Accommodator Lulu Bell's Bell Wholehearted Feelings - Yay more sadness. During their travels, the group run into a town where something strange is causing a water shortage. This is caused by a girl named Mei Ling, who is in the possession of a crystal ball, which might be the cause of the all the strangeness. Both the group and Lulubell suspect the ball holds Innocence and that Mei-Ling can become an exorcist with it. This of course prompts Lulubell to go after her and the exorcist with the task of protecting her. To me, this mini arc is very sad but it's not mindblowing. No I'm not saying this particular arc was awful. Im just saying it was alright. It does have some good parts, like what happens to Mimi. But apart from that and other scenes, it was alright. Got it? Good.
  • Set Sail to the East - The group meets two supporters of the Order: a woman who is the current lover of General Cross and her badass servant. They tell them that the General has left the area on a ship sailing to Japan, but the boat was attacked by Akuma, so his whereabouts are unknown. The gang decides to head to Japan to search for him again. Another simple episode. The two new characters will be appearing in the next mini-arc, so get used to seeing them. Other than that, it's an alright episode. Important note: this is the last episode of the english dub, because they could only dub the episodes from the pilot until here for legal reasons (damn lawyers).
  • Invasion Fallen Beginning of the Night's End Howl / Delete / Disappearance and Reunion - Before the crew can depart from China, a giant, white, glowing, floating human-looking thingy appears. This is where shit hits the fan. In the ship, the group sees a large wave of Akuma coming. They quickly realize that they are not the target, but rather theyre going after the floating being. Allen and Lenalee, who become separated from the ship, realize, to their horror, that the floating being is Suman Dark. Allen later finds out that Suman made a deal with Tyki for him to live while Lenalee finds out that the form their friend has taken is what's known as a Fallen One, someone who is being killed by their Innocence and cannot be saved. This is pretty much the game changer of the series. All fun and jokes are almost immediately gone from this point until the end. This anime gets dark. This is where it starts. This mini arc is incredible. Everyone is fucking losing. LOSING. Not a single victory for our heroes. It's unbelievable. It really is. The struggles they have feels absolutely real. Everyone from Allen to Suman to even any bystander. You feel bad for everyone. I was just shocked throughout this whole thing. fuck......

Star vs. The Forces of Evil:

  • Monster Arm - After Marco injures his arm Star tries fixing replacing it with a tentacle arm. That is sentient. Lovely. The episode is honestly pretty basic. The visual jokes were very funny (hands everywhere). But yeah. Pretty cool. 
  • The Other Exchange Student - A Scandinavian boy named Gustav visits Marco and his family but Star suspects him of something evil. The episode is very eerie in its build up to the end. The Gustav character is very mysterious and all the reasons for his nature are both sad and hilarious. The episode also ends with mystery because one of the things Star suspected of Gustav doing (measuring Marcos's parents' bodies) is never resolved which is weird by creepy as well. Veeery creepy. A pretty good episode overall.
  • Cheer Up Star - In attempt to cheer Star up after not receiving a call from her newest crush, Marco accidentally summons multiple monsters. This perfectly shows the bond Star and Marco have ever since theyve met. Youu get a since of camaraderie between them. Actually I'd extend it to a full on sibling-type relationship. Theyre truly a perfect match. This episode also mightve made me ship the two together. THEYRE JUST SO CUTE TOGETHER.
  • Quest Buy - Star's wand is almost out of charge, so her and Marco travel to a store far in the universe called Quest Buy. The store itself is probably one of favorite locations in the show. Its a large maze with multiple paths and intricate traps. The sloth that works there is absolutely hilarious and perfectly satirizes modern young employees. Honestly, it is one fantastic episode.
  • Diaz Family Vacation - Star takes Marco's parents to her home dimension of Mewni. This is very interesting as we see the non-royal side of the planet. Its beat down, poor, and dirty. The funniest part is that despite all this, Marco's parents are still very enthusiastic about it. But yeah it's pretty basic episode. Yay.
  • Brittney's Party - I'd love to own a party bus. Stereotypical popular girl Brittany Wong (think Pacifica Northwest w/ 0 redeeming qualities) hosts a party in a bus that Star and Marco crash and make it 100 times more fun (HOT TUB ON THE GODDAMN ROOF OF THE BUS. BOUNCY BUS INTERIOR) until Ludo and his goons take over. The Brittany character is very hilarious to me because her actions and personality are intended to do so instead of anger you. Just the way she talks is hilarious. But anyway a pretty damn good episode.
  • Mewberty - Star suddenly catches Mewberty, her dimension's version of puberty. She immediately obsesses over boys and because of this she slowly starts to turn into some terrifying butterfly creature and it's up to Marco to stop her. The episode is veeeery eerie and this shows with both the music and the colors. My one problem with this episode the ones that follow is that for some reason the show's animation has...downgraded. The smooth flowing motion it originally had is suddenly gone and in its place is super clunky and choppy animation. I dont know what happened but it bothers me every time I watch this and future episodes. Still, a very good episode.
  • Pixtopia - The equivalent of a home phone to Star is a magic mirror phone. All her minutes have been used up so she, Marco, and his two friends, must go to Pixtopia to pay off the cell phone bill, only to find out that only way to pay it off is to mine in the Pixie mines. This episode was...meh. It was OK. Animation still bugs me but whatevs.
  • Lobster Claws - One of Ludo's goons is fired and tries to turn a new leaf w/ the help of Star and Marco. A lot of funny jokes here and there. The scene near the end It'
  • Sleep Spells - Star has been casting spells in her sleep so the only solution is for Marco to act like psychologist as he believes this is a psychological problem. It's later revealed that she was just to protect herself from a monster who wanted to steal her face. And that monster is goddamn hilarious. And the strong bond that has developed between Star and Marco is shown beautifully once again as it keeps getting stronger. A good episode overall.
  • Blood Moon Ball - Star's ex-boyfriend Tom asks her out to the Blood Moon Ball (happens once every 667 years). Marco is skeptical about this and eventually goes after her. If you havent shipped Star and Marco together yet then this will make you ship them FOREVER. The shipping fuel was strong in this episode. The scene where they dance is SO CUTE HOLY SHIT. STARCO BEST SHIP. Im sorry.
  • Fortune Cookies - Star discovers the power of fortune cookies as it predicts the near future accurately every time. Elsewhere, Ludo hires a lizard-man-thingy named Toffee. The episode is nothing more than to introduce us to the new villain we will be seeing a few times. A great one though. 
  • Freeze Day - Time. So wibbly wobbly. Star accidentally freezes time for Marco and the only way to undo the spell is by going to the time dimension and talking to Father Time. Ive seen a lot of depictions of Father Time but this one is by far the best. It shows the emotional side to the character and how hes bored with making time move. It's really interesting. A great episode overall.
  • Royal Pain - Star's wild father returns to crash in her house because the queen kicked her out. Not really much to talk about here. I did like the scene where they just dump random things into the toilet. But yeah a fun and basic episode. 
  • St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses - The show's first venture into 22-episode minute territory sees Star and Marco trying to break Pony Head out of St. O's, a school for young princesses which is similar to a prison in the similar vain to Alcatraz or the Arkham Asylum. For a first venture into 22-minute territory, not bad. Really love the setting of the episode; how it resembles an actual prison and how the castle operates. I also love how Marco basically starts a rebellion too. And I love that this show is now setting up another story arc which is pretty ambitious. Can't wait for whatever comes next.

Wander Over Yonder:

  • The Greater Hater - Ive decided to add this wonderful cartoon into the list because why the hell not? For the uninformed, the show (created by Craig McCracken, the same mind behind The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) follows a happy and carefree alien named Wander and his trusty steed/best friend Sylvia who travel the universe meeting new people and helping out the best way they can while also intentionally/indirectly foiling the plans of Lord Hater and his army. This episode begins the second season and MY GOD IS IT INCREDIBLE. Wander is a show that doesnt have an overarching story. This changes that as we see the introduction of a brand new villain named Lord Dominator. Wander and Sylvia attempt to befriend him while Lord Hater and his commander Peepers try to destroy him. What results is a lot of hilarious chaos. The show is known for its smooth animation and usage of bright colors and that is shown to an extent here. It's gorgeous. The jokes are really hilarious (and for anyone new, the jokes are more lighthearted than the ones featured in Star or Gravity Falls). A great season opener and I highly recommend anyone to watch this series if you havent yet.
  • The Big Day - Lord Hater's biggest goal is trying to destroy Wander. Of course he and Sylvia always manage to stop him in some of the silliest ways. This one tries to make his destruction of Wander a special one, which eventually escalates into a wedding-esque ceremony. The progression from a simple presentation to one giant ceremony flows nicely and is very hilarious to watch. The episode does kind of poke fun at romance movies where the main character tries to stop his/her true love from marrying the wrong guy. It's just so frickin' hilarious.
  • The Breakfast - Now this is very creative. This shows how Wander and Lord Hater get breakfast. The unique thing about this is that it shows how their routines play out at the same time. A split screen divides the episode vertically and shows Wander's story on the left and Lord Hater's on the right. It shows just similar and opposite these two are with handling something as simple as making breakfast. This is probably one of my favorite episodes of the entire show. Its super creative and very funny.
  • The Fremergency Fronfract - Lord Hater, high on anesthetics after a dentist appointment, mistakenly calls Wander and Sylvia as his emergency contact. Because hes still high, he becomes friends with the 2 and do fun things and helping people out. This was hilarious mostly because of Hater's doofiness. The stuff he says and the way he acts because of how high he is make up a majority of the hilarity this episode has. Love it.
  • The Boy Wander - NANANANANANA BATMAN. Yes this episode is an homage to the Batman series starring Adam West. Wander, taking the role of Batman, must stop a villain, Dr. Screwball Jones (voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic), from forcing the galaxy to be happy. If theres one thing Craig McCracken and his team can do well is that they can pay homages to other shows and films very well. Powerpuffs and Foster's both have done multiple episodes inspired by pop culture so it was only fitting Wander would do it as well. And they did a good job. They captured the silliness of the 60s show with a Wander flair added on. The music battle between Dr. Screwball and Wander was very hilarious and fucking awesome. This whole episode is just so awesome. And check out that PPG reference at the end.

Gravity Falls:

  • A Tale of Two Stans - Some mysteries really need to be answered at some point. This episode tells Grunkle Stan's and Stanford's backstory; from their childhood, to the event that ultimately separated them, and how Stanford got into the portal. This is also one really long episode; the original broadcast was 30 minutes long w/ no commercial breaks. It's ridiculous yet necessary. The episode shows that even mystery programs need to answer some of their questions eventually instead of just leaving it unanswered and revealing even more unanswered questions. A great episode filled w/ emotion and jokes.
  • Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons - Here Dipper wants a second player to play the table top game Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons (an obvious parody of Dungeons and Dragons) with him. This comes in the form of Stanford who happens to be a massive fan of the game. He also tells Dipper of an artifact he found: an infinity sided die, where one roll could lead to multiple outcomes. After a brief arguments breaks out between the Stan twins, the die accidentally brings some of the game's characters to life which the two, as well as Grunkle Stan and Mabel, have to defeat. As someone who never found D&D appealing, this was a very hilarious episode. The jokes and references were perfect and "Weird Al", who voices the episode's antagonist, was awesome...he seems to be everywhere lately..... Loved this episode.
  • The Stanchurian Candidate - After the Gravity Falls mayor dies, both Grunkle Stan and Bud Gleeful run for mayor. You know a show's great if they make fun of politics. This episode isnt necessarily a satire of politics as a whole but more on the madness of election season. It's just super great and the episode is hilarious as always. Also look out for a cameo voiced by Night Vale's own Cecil Baldwin.

And thats about it. Sorry for the long wait and the long read. Let me know if you approve of the new format.

Next Time: D.Gray-Man ends. Fairy Tail and Fullmetal continue. We travel to a brand new anime. More Star and Wander. Weirdmageddon falls upon us. The return of a Time Lord. (Possibly) the return of Night Vale. And superheroes.


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